Director   : Dr. A. Mohana Kuntar, Professor,
  Department of Translation
Co-ordinator                   : Dr. M. Chandra Poojary, Professor,
  Department of Development  Studies.
About I Q A C                 : In 2006 Kannada University has established IQAC.
  Since then it has been working to enhance and sustain quality in the Higher Education.  In 2003 Kannada University presented its performance for assessment and accreditation before the National Assessment and Accreditation and was accredited with B++ level 2.
Objectives of the I Q A C :
1. Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on the Quality Parameter.2. Organisation of Conferences, workshops, Seminars on quality in higher education related themes.

3. Development of quality parameter for the various Academic & Administrative Performance of the Institution.

4. The IQAC under takes periodic Feedback from the Students for the assessment of Teachers performance and also on the facilities provided by the University.

5. IQAC has organised Training programme in Competitive Exams for students such as Banking Recruitment.

6. IQAC has organised some programmes on the quality issues in higher education for Students & Staff.


Contact Details : I Q A C, Kannada University Hampi,
  Vidyaranya, Hosapet Tq. Ballari Dist.Karnataka – 583276.Phone No. 08394 – 241919.