Research is coordinated through both internal and external resources. Internally both departmental and individual projects are undertaken. So far the following major projects have been taken up :

· Professional Compilation of Glossaries
· Editing of Tribal and Folk Epics
· Survey and Publication of Inscriptions
· Compilation of Temple Encyclopedias
· Preparation of catalogues of manuscripts
· History of Minor dynasties

And the following works have been brought out in Kannada :

· Translation of Dravidian Etymological by Burrow and Emanuel
· Janapada Kalegala Kosha
· Hampi Janapada

Some of the external projects accomplished are :

· Sritattvanidhi
· Halegannada mattu Marathi
· Sahitya Sangathi
· Karnataka Charitre

The faculties impart applied education in Music and Sculpture and award diplomas. They also conduct regular workshop to deliberate upon the latest findings in the field. Regularly summer and winter Schools are held for the benefit teachers in the state.

Filed work is an important assignment for actual investigation