Department of Publications has established direct contact with Karnataka citizens through its publications, essentially collating the research outputs.

Research and Reference Books

The research outcome of the University is published by Prasaranga to make the knowledge available to other researchers in the field as well as to general readers. Not only does it publish books and look after its sale, it also arranges lectures on various topics to take the knowledge thus generated to the public. The lectures delivered thus in Pracharopanyasa male (Series of Lectures for public) are published and priced low under Mantapa male series. The Prasaranga of Kannada University has been one of the top publishing-houses in Karnataka. It has published reference books like Encyclopedia (See Appendix no. for the list of Encyclopedias published and under preparation) on various subjects. The series on History of Karnataka, has brought the scattered knowledge of Karnataka history under one series. The fact that the volumes of this series have all been sold in a very short span of time shows the popularity of such a publication and also the need for such publications. Epics published in both Tribal and Folk series are documentation of Oral epics and they have been appreciated by international scholars as they have made available the knowledge and literature hitherto hidden in the oral form. One of the Epics has been translated into English and is also published by Kendra Sahitya Academy and has been spoken of highly in the academic world, virtually changing the outlook we have of the world today. Epigraphs of various districts and Kannada epigraphs available in other states have also been published under a series called Kannada Vishwavidyalaya Epigraphic series. This is a monumental series second only to the attempt undertaken by B.L. Rice in late 19th century called “Epigraphia Karnataka”. But in terms of vastness this is comparable to none.


The Kannada University also publishes various journals: Kannada Adhyayana (Kannada Studies), Mahila adhyayana (Women Studies), Janapada Karnataka (Folklore of Karnataka), Budakattu Karnataka (Tribal Karnataka), Karnataka Adhyayana (Karnataka studies), Namma Kannada (Our Kannada, devoted to Kannada Linguistics) these have been not just journals but platforms for the scholars who are working in these areas. These journals are first of their kind, as for the first time specialized journals are brought out in Kannada. In order to reach the non-Kannada audience, the University is bringing out a journal in English “Journal of Karnataka Studies”, the first issue is under preparation.


Along with these scholarly journals Prasaranga publishes periodicals of the University like Vijnana Sangati (A Companion to Science), Pustaka Mahiti (Book-information), Cheluva Kannada (University news-letter).

Text Books

Apart from publication of scholarly works the Prasaranga has taken up publication of textbooks which would be useful for students of science and social science in colleges. The First and Second Pre-University Social science and Science textbooks brought out by the Prasaranga have helped students who would like to study these subjects in Kannada. The letters of gratitude written by many students speak volumes about these publications. We always stress the fact that learning best happens in the language of the student, but there have been no attempts to provide text-books in the language of students and this long standing wish has been fulfilled by the University.

Series for the Neo Literate

Five years back the Prasaranga earned Rs. One crore through a project. The University published more than 100 books for the newly literate in Kannada and these books were bought by the State Government under its Adult Education scheme to supply to the students. The books were written by the faculty members, students and non-teaching staff of the University and published by Prasaranga. The Prasaranga itself took up the task of distributing also; so the University earned Rs. One crore in just one project with the help of the human resources then available in the University.

Publications of Prasaranga (the publication unit) of the University

Apart from publishing, Prasaranga organizes extension lectures called Pracharopanyasa Maale in various places all over Karnataka. These speeches are later published under Mantapa Maale series. Till now it has published more than 100 such books. These books are priced very low.


Prasaranga has two sales counters, one in the University and another in Bangalore. Apart from supplying books to various Book sellers/shops on order, it has devised new ways of reaching the readers. Prasaranga organizes Pustaka Yaatre (Book-tour) to reach the readers. Books are carried in a van to various places to reach prospective buyers. Prasaranga also puts up stalls in Book-fairs, Book-exhibitions, or seminars / conferences conducted outside the University in various places. Compared to other stalls, the Prasaranga stall recorded the highest sale in the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana this year at Tumkur compared to other stalls. Institutions such as Schools and Colleges can buy books on loan for their library, which they can repay later. Reader Membership Scheme is also available wherein a reader can deposit a certain amount with Prasaranga and can purchase books matching that amount, for which they would get free subscription to the journals/periodicals published by the Prasaranga. Now the Prasaranga is planning to go online with the booking of orders and it may be realized with the renovation of the University website.

Seminars in other places

Often the seminars, conferences organized by various departments are organized in collaboration with other institutions and in places other than Hospet. This also helps the institution in disseminating knowledge. Most of the times Prasaranga puts up a book-exhibition at this venue to showcase its publications and also to make available the books to target readers.


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