Kannada University, Hampi since its inception has takenup the research as its main activity. The out come of Research carried out in various departments have also publish and widely acclaimed. The department of Epigraphy is one among them.

Epigraphy is the main source for the reconstruction of History and culture. Without the source of Epigraphy the reconstructing of the history cannot be completed. The Department of Epigraphy has shouldered the responsibility of publishing the inscriptions with particular reference to North Karnataka and Karnataka in general. Inscriptions are not only for the source of history, but also useful to know the languages, scripts, tax, administration-local self government religious and social life during the early medieval period.

With the establishment of the department of Epigraphy in the year of 1995. The department was planning to bring out the volumes related to the epigraphs of every Districts in Karnataka. Apart from compiling the epigraphs, the Department runs teaching programs to M.Phil and Diploma students. To create awareness the department of Epigraphy also conducting the workshop to the students and the teachers.

As already cited, the department of epigraphy takes up the compilation and analysis of epigraphy available in the region. The department of epigraphy has published nearly Five Thousand inscriptions fund in different villages in Northern Karnataka. In this direction several Phd Thesis, articles have also been published. The Department of Epigraphy was planning to bring out 11 volumes of Kannada University Epigraphical Series. Pertaining to Bidar, Gulgbarga districts of Hyderabad Karanataka region, Bagalkote, Bijapur, Dharwad, Belgum, North Kanara, Gadag and Haveri of Mumbai Karnataka regions. Udupi and South Kanara of Coastal region. The Kannada University Epigraphycal Series Bellary, Koppal, Raichur, Bidar and Bagalkot District volumes and specially Hampi Supplementary volume have also been Published. The Publications of Bijapur District is in the final Process in the Press. The work of Udupi, Mangalore, North Kanara, Gadag, Dharwad, Haver, Belgum Districts are in progress. The Kannada Inscriptions found in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, the Persian and Arabic inscriptions of Karnataka. Similarly The Tamil inscriptions of Rastrakuta Dynasty have also been published. These publications are useful to the students and scholars for research in Southarn and Deccan in India.

In addition is the Village to Village Survey the Department of Epigraphy was Conducted State and national Seminars. Jain inscription in Coastal Karnataka, Nisadis in Karnataka, History of Shrigeri, Memorial Inscrptions are important themes on the Seminar subjects. Shortly the Department is also conducting seminars on cattle protection, Memorial stones an hunting, Penbuyal and with the intention to the conduct Seminar in an inter disciplinary approach.
The create awareness every year the department of epigraphy conducting workshop in different places of Karnataka. Such type of workshop coducted at Dharwad, Sedam and Sharvanabelagola etc. It helps to the local people for protection of inscriptions. At present the department is preparing to conduct such workshop in Moodabidre, Gulbarga and Belgum region.

Now adays the research Activities in this direction are to the more important day by day. To give Proper guidance, the department is going to conduct the seminar on epigraphical research and its methodology.

So far as the department of epigraphy is publishing the Kannada University Epigraphical series as already cited. But in the near future the department is also planning its micro study based an the available published materials.

The members of the department have taken up the village to village survey in the districts, With the help of teachers and students, the department of Epigraphy conducting in the lectur programmes and films to create awareness in the villages.

After the collection of inscriptions in this survey the department of epigraphy is planning to computerise the same for its preservations.

The Indian Histrical Research (ICHR) has already brought the Southern Kanataka Volumes in the form of C.D. In the same way the department is planning to bringout the Northen Karnataka Epigraphical Volumes in the form of C.D.

In addition the these programme the department is planning to Conduct the future programmes.

1. Digitalisation of the soure Materials.
2. Bring out the Epigraphical Series along with texts.
3. Publication of Epigraphical Glossary.
4. Publication of epigraphical dictionary.
5. Epigraphical dictionary on Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam and Devanagari inscriptions.
6. Publication of Dynastic Inscriptions.
7. To create awarness Publications of Hand book.
8. Bring out the publication of Ancent economic system.
9. Comparative study.
10. Womens role in the social system based on inscriptions – Status of women in the Present Society.
11. Study of Religious Customs, Cast, Poets, Literature Etc.
12. Study of Scripts – Development of Software etc.

The Department of Epigraphy and its aims are varies. The Department of Epigraphy is giving much Importance to the Publication of Kannada University Epigraphical Series in addition to the teaching. For its development, Co-operation from the students, Scholars, and from the Government are to be more needed.


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List of the faculties :

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Dr.Kalveer Manvachar Professor Ph.D. Kannada Literature and Epigraphy