Kannada University has been successfully and effectively fulfilling its responsibility of translating into real it appropriate and applied research in the areas of Karnataka language, Art, Literature, Culture, Archaeology and History. Adequately Programmed study and teaching programmes were started, in right earnest, in all the departments of the University from the very inception. In 1996, the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology was inaugurated to address the local aspirations, uniquely trimmed with the Hampi World Heritage package. From the very beginning the Department has been successfully and meaningfully accomplishing its designated programmes with an accent on Karnataka Archaeology, History, and Culture Studies.

With an ambitious goal to engage inspade work of collection and collation of references and resources on Ancient History and Archaeology, the Department has, in its departmental and individual programmes, study projects and publications analysising various facets of Art, Architecture, Temples and Monuments.



Some of the major projects are as follows;

  1. Exploration, Excavation and Study of Karnataka Pre-historical sites.
  2. Study and Research Projects oriented to Political, Social, Economic, Religion, and Cultural history are undertaken within the purview of Karnataka Ancient History.
  3. With a Concerted intent to reflect the Karnataka art Heritage, Study projects have been undertaken in the areas of ancient temples, forts, mosques, sculptures, chariots, other monuments etc.
  4. Collection and publication of Sources for Karnataka Archaeology, History and Culture Studies.
  5. Undertaking spin-off analytical projects on completion, collation and publication of Source- materials.
  6. Holding annual seminars and workshops to supplement the on-going studies and projects.
  7. Historical monuments and sources are subject to ruination in the rural areas. In such places and in collaboration with local citizens, seminars will be held to drive home the historical importance.
  8. With intent to highlight and reconstruct the local history, study project series in Local History, Archaeology and Culture are undertaken.
  9. Conducting M.Phil. And Ph.D. studies.
  10. Workshop related to Archaeology, History and Culture are conducted for the of external students and teachers.



Telephone numbers
Establishment of the department
Head of the Department


List of the faculties :

Name Designation HighestQualification Specialization
Dr. C. Mahadeva Professor Ph.D. Cultural History Archaeology, Art and Architecture
Dr. C.S.Vasudevan Professor Ph.D. Cultural History Archaeology, Art and Architecture
Dr. Vasudev Badiger Professor Ph.D. Cultural History Archaeology, Art and Architecture
Dr. Ramesh Nayak Professor Ph.D. Cultural History Archaeology, Art and Architecture
Dr. S.Y. Somshekhar Assistant Professor Ph.D. Cultural History Archaeology, Art and Architecture


Department Projects

This prestigious project has been undertaken with intent to document has been publishing in book form, studies on ancient monuments in the district under purview, after a thorough field work. Against this background, the temple Cyclopaedia has been completed for Bellary, Haveri, Koppal, Bijapur, Dharwad and Gadag districts. Cyclopaedias for Bagalkot, Gulbarga and Raichur districts are getting ready for publication. Fieldwork is in progress at various stages for other districts of Karnataka.

This project has been undertaken to highlight Karnataka Archaeology, History and Culture. Seven volumes under this series have been devoted to Methodology of Archaeology, Pre-history, Early and Medieval History, Temple Architecture, Sculpture, Epigraphy and Numismatics. Each faculty member in the Department envisages constructing Karnataka Culture by probing and analysing various studies and projects accomplished thus far. Early and medieval History volume in this series is complete. Work on other volumes is in progress.

The Department is executing a very ambitious project of Encyclopaedia of Archaeology keeping in view the vast subject expanse. The faculty members are actively involved to accomplish this project by including expert articles by lead archaeologists in the country and abroad.
The Department has been organizing annual seminars related to Ancient History, Archaeology and Culture. A two-day seminar on “Ancient History and Archaeology: A Re-evaluation” was held in 2003 at Koppal.

Since 2002 the Department has taken up a very meaningful project named Local History and Archaeology Series. On identification of five historical places in the state, every year, keeping in view the available sources, appropriate theme-titles are evolved. The experts who have made a mark in those areas are entrusted to co-ordinate the programme. Making use of the available sources and studies accomplished so far, they prepare authoritative paper after an extensive fieldwork. The seminars, held with the active participation of local knowledgeable citizens, throw a new light on various unknown facets of local package. The seminar papers and proceedings are published in book form for the benefit of area scholars and posterity. So far, these seminars were hosted at Kurugodu, Mailara, Hanagal, Kittur, Tonnur, Brahmagiri, Basavana Bagewadi, Jagalur, Nagamangala and Mudanur.

Priority has been accorded to the M.Phil and Ph.D research project since the inception of the Department. A three-month teaching is imparted to the M.Phil students highlighting the latest trends in Research Methodology, Study-fieldwork, Archaeology, History and Culture. It provides a necessary professional exposure. Later, depending on their experiences, relevant topics will be allocated for further research. They are also associated in the Departmental projects.
The University publication wing- Prasaranga in has been publishing appropriate book form, the departmental and individual research projects to facilitate further research and wider interaction. Some of the major publications highlighting the Departmental research are as follows,

a. Karnataka Temple Cyclopaedia: Haveri District, 2002
b. Local History and Archaeology Series: Kurugodu, 2004
c. Karnataka Temple Cyclopaedia: Bijapur District, 2006
d. Karnataka Temple Cyclopaedia: Dharwad District, 2006
e. Karnataka Temple Cyclopaedia: Gadag Distrist, 2006
f. Ancient History and Archaeology Studies: A Re-evaluation, 2006
g. Local History and Archaeology Series: Hanagallu, 2007
h. Local History and Archaeology Series: Mailara (Ready for publication)
i. Local History and Archaeology Series: Mudanuru (Ready for publication)

Immediate aim is to complete all the projects undertaken by the Department. Utilising the latest Research Methodology and technological instruments more authentic exploration and excavation will be undertaken.
New value-based projects related to Archaeology, History and Culture, interfaced with modern thinking and viewpoint, will be designed, executed and published.
In tune with the changing situations relevant Training Workshops and Seminars will be organized to create a research orientation among students and teachers and drive home among common citizens the relevance and importance of value of history.
Among the main aims of the Department is the organization of national and international seminars in collaboration with lead research institution to evolve appropriate fundamental laws to facilitate protective exchange of field-notes and thereby establish new vistas for Development and Applied Research in the field of Ancient History and Archaeology.