Department of Translations has set itself three objectives for its functioning: research, training/teaching and actual translation projects. Several research projects related to translation, semiotics and intercultural studies have been taken up like Colonialism and Translation, Cultural aspects of Translation in both pre-colonial and post-colonial period, Kerala and Kannada culture, Marathi and Kannada culture. The department is planning to host a database of all translations from and into Kannada. The department has organized several translation workshops to provide a space for translators to discuss, learn and to translate specific texts. The department with the help of Distance education center is running a distance education P.G. diploma course in Translation Studies. Several projects of translation have been taken up from and into Kannada like translation of short stories of Kannada into English, translation of Social science articles on Caste into Kannada, translation of south-Asian short stories into Kannada, translation of historical works from Marathi. With the view to take up consultancy in a major way the department is planning to host a Translation Service Center where in the department acts as a quality assessor and has facilitator between those who need translation and translators. Preparation of database of translators from and into Kannada with their specialized area of translation is under way.

Teachers of the Department are involved in teaching M.A, Ph.D integrated course and also helping Distance Education Center to run P.G.Diploma in Translation Studies. Dept. is planning to host a Translation Service Center which would act as a link between those who need translations and translators. It also maintains a database of translation from and to Kannada. They have also won Sahitya Academy Award for translation.


Telephone numbers
Establishment of the department
Head of the Department


List of the faculties :

Name Designation Highest Qualification Specialization
Dr. A. Mohana Kuntar Professor Ph.D. Malayalam & Kannada Liter ature, translation
Dr. Vittala Rao T. Gaikwad Professor Ph.D. Marathi  & Kannadaliterature, Translations Criticism
Dr. K.C.Shivareddy Professor Ph.D. Kan. Literature Translations & Criticism
Dr. M. Usha Professor Ph.D. Translations & Women’s Studies