The focus of the department is to take up systematic study of Kannada Lliterature in the sense of creative writing and also in the sense of all texts in Kannada both oral and written. The texts (both written and oral) are placed in the larger matrix of culture to research on various issues related to history, society, polity. The literary texts are read and interpreted in the light of recent theories so as to re-read them from the context of the present. The Department has so far organized several seminars and come out with publications on Cultural interface of old texts from the point of view of present context of globalization, nativism and other issues.

The hitherto neglected literary forms like Tatvapadas, Oral epics of both medieval and modern period have been extensively researched. A series of volumes related to Kannada poetics, Kannada literature and other disciplines, Kannada literature and social movements, Kannada literature and Folklore are under preparation.

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Establishment of the department
Head of the Department


List of the faculties :

Name Designation HighestQualification Specialization
Dr.Rahmath Tarikere Professor Ph.D. Sufism, Literary Criticism
Dr. N. Amaresh Professor Ph.D. Modern Literature, Literature
Dr. B.M. Puttaiah Professor Ph.D. Cultural Studies
Dr. R. Venkatesh Indvadi  Professor Ph.D. Folk Epics
Dr. Venkatagiri Dalavayi Associate Professor Ph.D. Kannada Literature
Dr. Mallikarjuna Vanenoor Assistant Professor Ph.D. Modern Literature, Literature