The University has three main wings

Adalitanga (Administrative wing)

Adalitanga (Administrative wing) is similar to the one found in most of the Universities.

Prasaranga (Publication wing)

Prasaranaga is the publication wing.

Adhyayananga (Academic wing)

Apart from Administrative wing, which is common to all the Universities, Adhyayananga, a nodal agency, has been set up by the University in order to facilitate research and to coordinate research and teaching activities. It also organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, discussions and coordinates with other academic institutions, both national and international, for quality research and teaching. A senior professor of the University called Director heads Adhyayananga. All the Heads of the Departments are its members. In order to facilitate research, the university has four faculties of study:

1. Faculty of Languages

The Faculty of Languages consists of the following departments :-

a. Department of Kannada Literature Studies
b. Department of Kannada Language Studies
c. Department of Dravidian Studies
d. Department of Translation Studies
e. Department of Manuscriptology
f. Department of Women Studies

2. Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences consists of the following departments :-

a. Department of Folklore Studies
b. Department of History
c. Department of Archaeology & Ancient History
d. Department of Epigraphy
e. Department of Tribal Studies
f. Department of Development Studies
g. Department of Anthropology

3. Faculty of Fine Arts

The Faculty of Fine arts consists of the following department :-

a. Department of Visual Arts
b. Department of Music and Dance
c. Department of Sculpture and Paintings

d. Department of Drama

4. Faculty of Sciences

 Directorate of Distance education

 IQAC Department