Teaching Regular Courses

All the departments offer Research Programs (M.Phil. and Ph.D.) in their area. D.Lit. Program is designed to provide space for extra-ordinary scholars, who work outside the academia or inside the academia, to obtain doctorate for the research work they do.

Innovative Regular Courses

Course name Pre qualification Duration Academics starting
M.A.,Phd Integrated Course (Kannada Literature And Folklore) Degree 4 Yrs Month of July
Diploma in Sculpture S.S.L.C. 2 Yrs Month of June
Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Diploma in Sculpture 3 Yrs Month of July
Diploma in Music (Sangeetha) S.S.L.C or equivalent 3 Yrs Month of July
B.A. In Music (Sangeetha) Diploma in Music (Sangeetha) or equivalent 3 Yrs Month of July


Distance Education Courses

In order to be in tune with the recent developments like distance education, which would help people to get acquainted with knowledge even if they are at home or working somewhere else, the University has started following courses.

Post graduate – M.A Courses

  1. M.A – Kannada
  2. M.A – History
  3. M.A – Journalism and Mass communication
  4. M.A – Sociology

Post graduate diplomas

  • Bashanthara Adhyayayayana (Translation Studies)
    · Kriyatmaka Kannada (Functional Kannada)
    · Dalita Adhyayana (Dalit Studies)
    · Puratatva, Samskriti Mattu Pravasodyama (Archaeology, Culture and Tourism)
    · Mahila adhyayana (Women’s Studies)
    · Karnataka Adhyayana (Karnataka Studies)
    · Dravida Adhyayana (Dravidian Studies)

Post-Matriculation Diplomas

  • Abhivriddhi Samvahana (Development Communication)
    · Karakushala Kalegalu (Handicrafts)
    · Janapada Sangita (Folk-Music)
    · Naataka Kale (Theatre Arts)
    · Paaramparika Jnana (Traditional Knowledge)


Certificate Courses

  • Samshodhana Vidhana (Research Methodology)
    · Telugu
    · Tamil
    · Malayalam