Kannada University was established in 1992 to promote studies, research and development in language, literature, culture and all related aspects of Kannada and Karnataka. A library with a meaningful collection and effective library service is the fundamental requirement for the efficient academic functioning of university. The achievements of a university can be gauged by the effectiveness of its library service. The library collection instead of being merely quantitatively rich must also qualitatively rich responding to the academic needs of the university. Such institution would automatically attract good faculty and the students. Akshara Granthalaya is moving ahead in this direction. The library’s main emphasis is on collection, preservation and dissemination of Knowledge.

The library building around 5463sq. meters area is being used to accommodate an office, Acquisition Section, Technical section, Circulation Section, Periodicals Section, E- Resources Section and Librarian’s room. At present the library has a collection of  2,08, 488 books, (including reference books 67,592), Rare books -1433, E-Books -104, Bound volumes – 2,371, Kannada Journals -08 and English Journals -26.

Rare Books List……..

Working Hours: 

Details Days Timings
Library Hours Working Days 8:00 AM to 07:30PM
Circulation Hours Working Days 10:00 AM to 5:30PM
Reference Working Days 10:00 AM to 05:30PM
Periodical Section Working Days 10:00 AM to 5:30PM
Reading Section Working Days 8:00 AM to 07:30PM
Holidays Sundays, Second Saturdays and General Holidays


Book procurement Statistics for the previous Six Academic years (2011-17)

Academic year 2011-12
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase 4,574 4,61,042.75
Donations 1,386    97,762.1
                  Total 5,960 5,58,804.85
Academic year 2012-13
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase   320 46,765.00
Donations 1451 94,069.53
Total   1771    1,40,834.53
Academic year 2013-14
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase 11,028 55,90,708.22
Donations      188      24,988.5
Total 11216 56,15,696.72
    Academic year 2014-15
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase 2,549 8,19,783.86
Donations    303    54,967.87
Total 2852 8,74,751.73
Academic year 2015-16
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase 2,918 5,70,833.86
Donations    882    88,857.00
Total 3,800 6,59,690.86
Academic year 2016-17
  No. of Books Cost
Purchase 1012 1,83,370.00
Donations   590    33,726.00
Total   1602 2,17,096.00


Membership details and borrowing privileges:

Faculty Members, Research Scholars, Students of M.A., Ph.D and Administrative Staff of the university are eligible to become members of the library. Membership is also available to the outside members.

Outsides Members:


On payment of Rs 500/- p.a., and Rs.20/- p.d., any individual can become a library member of the library and he/she will be provided with the library membership card and such members will be permitted to use the library during working hours except borrowing facilities.


It is well known fact that library is the heart of the university. The excellence of an university can be ganged by merely evaluating the library and its servies.

  1. Lending of Books (Issues, Returns, Renewal)
  2. Reference Service
  3. Current Awareness Service

Overdue Charges:

Overdue charges will be collected from the defaulters who is returning the book after the due date as per below mentioned rates.

Number of days delayed after the due date Rates of Overdue charges
Before reminder (in notice board) 1 rupee per day.
After Ist reminder 2 rupees per day.
After IInd reminder (correspondence letter) 5 rupees per day.


Kannada University library has been adopted for all the in-house activities and services to facilitate proper library database management using NEWGENLIB library software.

 Rules and Regulations:

  1. Borrower’s tickets are not transferable
  2. Using mobile phones inside the library is strictly prohibited.
  3. Necessary action will be taken by the librarian against the users who are found to be misusing the service facilities, book collection etc.
  4. No outside/ personal books are allowed in the library for reading purposes.
  5. The librarian may recall any book at any time if required.
  6. Silence should be maintained in the library.
  7. If a book is lost, the librarian has the power to decide whether the book has to be replaced or a fine is to be paid by the borrower. The fine will be charged up to six times the cost of the book’s current value, in addition to handling charges.


A reference library Sirigannada has been setup in the year 2007 to cater to the needs of researchers in Kannada language, literature, history and culture of Karnataka.

Book collection:

All our efforts are being constantly made to procure all publications relating to Kannada and Karnataka. Though priority is given to Kannada publications, English publications with its emphasis on Kannada literature, Language polity, history and culture of Karnataka are also being added to our collection. In addition to this collection, under an order from the government (Karnataka state government order Number E.D.38, A.I.B, 2004, dated 13.02.2004) a single copy of the books procured under the copy right act is being donated to our library by the state government. The university library thus receives on average 3000 copyrighted books annually: (books published during the particular year) this donation in particular goes a long way in building up our collection.

Single copy of each book published in Kannada language is proposed to be collected here and made available for reference to the researchers all over the world. Instead of this collection, several well wishers, patrons and well known authors have donated books to sirigannada centre. So far 67,592 books have been received as gift. At present the reference library has a collection of 52,632 unique titles.

 Samshodhana Karnataka: A Database

With the intention of putting together the output of all these researchers on Karnataka & to cater to the needs of scholars and researchers who are carrying on research on Kannada and Karnataka. Kannada University has initiated a project titled “Samshodhana Karnataka” in September 2004. The project has been executed with the below given objectives.

  1. Systematic collection of outputs of research work on society, polity, language, culture and environment of Karnataka with bibliographic details and abstracts.
  2. An attempt has been made to collect data on research works on Karnataka carries on in research centre working in neighboring states and in foreign universities.
  3. Research outputs are organized and made available to scholars on subject wise, university wise, research wise, guide wise and year wise format.
  4. Bibliographic details and abstract are made available in print and electronic form.
  5. Collection of data under this project is a continuous process; hence output of researches that are going to be taken up in the future will also be made available in the above data format.

The output of “Samshodhana Karnataka” project is available at www.kannadavarsity-samshodhana.org. The site has total 64 main subjects. Data collected includes 4401 research works in Kannada language and 5472 are in English language. At present abstract of around 22% of research data on Karnataka are available in electronic format. For data retrieval purpose total 2690 (minute subject field) key words have been provided in this database. The aspiring researchers could easily retrieve data of this project from the website by using the first two letters of title, researcher, university guide and subject.


Kannada university library is an institutional member of the DELNET. Through institutional DELNET our users can access over to 26,402,756 records of books, Journals, Journal articles, CD-ROM Database, video recordings, sound recordings, theses and dissertations and E-books etc.

 Theses Collection:

It is proposed to collect copies of theses / dissertation submitted to the universities/ colleges. At present Sirigannada has.

M.Phil theses         : 1319

Ph.D theses           :  817

D.Litt                     :    64

PDF                         :    01

               Total      : 2201

Manuscript collection:

The centre has ambitions plan to gather and scan all the manuscripts of Kannada literature belongs to in the period of 1900- 1950 (Navodaya period). 180 manuscripts of noted eminent Kannada dramatist “Shriranga” (adya Rangacharya) have been acquired and preserved.